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Division / Department Central Foreign Procurement Department
Title Subscription Renewal for Oilgram Price Report basic Service
Description -
Objectives -
Eligibility of Bidders -
Restricted Requirement-
Completion Date of Work / Delivery Time of Goods, Parts, Equipments -
Medium Cost / Starting Price 912,302.70 THB
For more Information / Suggestion Contact -
End of Announcement 2018-1-14
Person Incharge เอื้อกมล แสงมณี
email euakamon.s@egat.co.th
Date of Announcement2017-12-14 09:48:53.0
File NameD:Eua's_งาน PDPD_งานซื้อทั่วไป2560PD 60085_Platts Oilgram00 ราคากลาง Platt Oilgram.pdf