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Division / Department Transmission System Development Area Foreign Procurement Department
Title Supply of Miscellaneous Equipment (Bid No. TIEC-MC1-01 and RTS2-MC1-03)
Description -
Objectives -
Eligibility of Bidders -
Restricted Requirement-
Completion Date of Work / Delivery Time of Goods, Parts, Equipments -
Medium Cost / Starting Price Total Starting Price THB 20,250,000.- Schedule A3 : Starting Price THB 2,470,000.- / Minimum Decrease THB 4,000.- Schedule A4 : Starting Price THB 3,920,000.- / Minimum Decrease THB 7,000.- Schedules A5 and B7 : Starting Price THB 4,960,000.- / Minimum Decrease THB 9,000.- Schedules A1, A2, A6, A7, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B8, and B9 : Starting Price THB 8,900,000.- / Minimum Decrease THB 10,000.-
For more Information / Suggestion Contact Transmission System Development Area Foreign Procurement Department (Room No. 1202/2, 12th Floor, Building Tor. 101) Foreign Supply and Procurement Division Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Bangkruai, Nonthaburi 11130, Thailand Telephone No. 0 2436 0241 Fax No. 0 2436 0294.
End of Announcement 2017-12-22
Person Incharge จตุพล โพลีวัฒนะ
email jatuphon.p@egat.co.th
Date of Announcement2017-06-20 11:43:57.0
File NameX:2 Bidding 2017งานซื้อ (หซส-ห.)01-e-Auction 2017TIEC-MC1-01 and RTS2-MC1-03 (จตุพล)4. ประกาศประกวดราคาFile ประกาศเชิญชวน biddingengInvitation to Bid No. TIEC-MC1-01 and RTS2-MC1-03 (e-Procurement).pdf