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Division / Department Generation and Transmission System Foreign Procurement Department
Title Supply and Construction for Replacement of Overhead Ground Wire with Composite Overhead Ground Wire with Optical Fiber (OPGW)
Description -
Objectives -
Eligibility of Bidders -
Restricted Requirement-
Completion Date of Work / Delivery Time of Goods, Parts, Equipments 10 months after receipt of Award of the Contract
Medium Cost / Starting Price Starting Price : THB 57,800,000.- / Minimum Decrease per each price submission shall not be less than THB 100,000.-
For more Information / Suggestion Contact Generation and Transmission System Foreign Procurement Department (Room No. 1207, 12th Floor, Building Tor.101) Foreign Supply and Procurement Division Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Bangkruai, Nonthaburi 11130, Thailand Tel. No. 66 2436 0278-9 Fax No. 66 2436 0292 E-mail address : gentransforeign@egat.co.th
End of Announcement 2017-7-14
Person Incharge นาถธิดา มุสิกะโสภณ
email nattida.m@egat.co.th
Date of Announcement2017-07-12 08:45:23.0
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